Nicaragua: A People Aflame

In 1978-79 Elman worked as a journalist in Central America, covering the war in Nicaragua against the Somoza regime. He travelled on assignment for GEO magazine and his text accompanied the images of photojournalist Susan Meiselas for the essay, “Nicaragua: A People Aflame,” GEO I (1979) pp. 32-60, first published in December 1978 of the German edition of GEO, as “Das Drama von Managua.” Elman’s account of that trip and succeeding visits to Nicaragua are told in his book, Cocktails At Somoza’s: A Reporter’s Sketchbook of Revolutionary Nicaragua.

Showdown At Tucson: The Great Sanctuary ‘Alien-Smuggling’ Trial

In 1985 Elman taught in the Creative Writing Department at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he also attended the trial of clergy providing sanctuary for political refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala. These clergy, who were part of a larger Sanctuary movement, were accused by the American Government and the INS of smuggling aliens into this country. The government’s case prevailed.