When Richard Elman died at 63, in 1997, he left a large body of published work behind—sixteen novels, a collection of short stories, five volumes of non-fiction, four books of verse, and the galley-proofs of a memoir, Namedropping: Mostly Literary Memoirs, which was published posthumously in 1998.

You may hear him read from the opening pages of Namedropping at the Poetry Center's online audio library, called voca:

Elman's autobiographical essay, "My Life So Far," is reprinted here from Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, OE © 1986 Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, Inc.

Richard Elman's New York Times obituary, January 2, 1998.

Complete Poems of Richard Elman 1955-1997

now available from Junction Press and can be ordered from Small Press Distribution:

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