Malcolm X: Interview

Dick Elman Interviews Malcolm X: Los Angeles Police Assault Upon A Mosque

Malcolm X details the events which lead to an unprovoked assault upon a mosque in Los Angeles. The event began when two black men were taking clothing from their car and giving them to two other black men. When two white policemen drove by and observed the activity, their issued an all-points bulletin and ordered the black men to submit. The response, however, sent the police to a nearby mosque. the police entered the hall shooting. Seven unarmed Muslims were shot, then arrested and held without hospitalization. Malcolm X details their injuries, and repeats the racist comments radioed by the policemen involved, the police brutality and murder "in cold blood." He also explains how the religious discipline of Muslims involves non-violence and cooperation with police, and ends with an indictment of the "gestapo" tactics of the Los Angeles police and calls for an investigation by the F.B.I.

WBAI Broadcast 1961: Archive Number: BB0541