In Chontales

This is a selection of poems occasioned , in part, by two trips to Revolutionary Nicaragua in 1978 and 1979.

The dedication is: For Alice again, and again...and Mario...

from CARTEL by Mario Cajina Vega of Masaya
...The Revolution is dinner,
it's a table set with a pitcher of water
and a knife and fork
across the brilliant cloth...
in case some visitor appears.
The Revolution is the earth,
its furrows sprouting corn,
and a family of laborers hoeing.
The Revolution is the laborer.
The Revolution is a worker with a flower.)"

Translated by R.E.

Of the poems in this collection "Contextualization" appeared in a different version in "The Partisan Review;" and sonnets 7, 9 and 23 are from "Finger Exercises." "The Ballad of the Boss' Son" was first printed as a Street Press Broadside in the Fall of 1978.

The collection was published by Street Press/ PO Box 555/ Port Jefferson, NY 11777.