The 28th Day of Elul

A Letter


"You write (have written?) to tell me that my late uncle, the former Belas Yagodah (changed to James) is my benefactor through his estate in Merton, Ohio, of which you, in New York (sic) are the principal executor.

"You are also most kind to advise me that under the terms of my late uncle's benefaction, as expressed in his last will and testament, witnessed by you and dated September 12, 1939 [The 28th day of Elul, 5700], I, Shandor Yagodah, the son of my late uncle's brother Newman and his wife Ilona, that I am to receive my portion as one third of one third of the total estate, since Uncle Bela had two sisters as well as a brother, and since his only brother had three children: myself, my widowed sister Sarah in Melbourne, Australia, and my sister Perl, who I no longer see and who I presume you have traced and found to be alive. As I have no doubts she still is.

"You then assert (sic, p. 3 of the document) that you can deposit on demand in a special account at the Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv the sum of 120,000 Israel pounds (approximately $40,000) for which I must in my own manner present positive identification of myself as Shandor, the only male heir of Newman and Ilona Yagodah, and for which I must further attest (according to a separate codicil in the Will dated October 12, 1939) [the 29th day of Tishri, 5700] that I am a professing Jew and that I intend to raise all my descendants (such as they are and may someday be) in the ways of the Jewish law, (pps.3-4 The 28th Day of Elul).